Orphaned as a child when his devoutly Christian parents were murdered on a mission trip, Matthew Yang overcame a difficult childhood to become one of the most renowned young surgeons in the world.  But after suffering a breakdown in his mid-twenties, Dr. Yang shocked the medical world when he abandoned his practice for the priesthood. His sudden conversion not only made him a scandal among his colleagues, but also caused a severe rift between Matthew and his only surviving relative, his brother Paul.  Heedless of the objections of his former coworkers or his estranged brother, Paul has sought out postings where his gifts can do the most good, and so usually finds himself in the most congested, dangerous, and disease-ridden parishes in the world.
But even before Matthew's mysterious departure of the surgical world at the height of his career, many of his fellow surgeons were deeply suspicious of him. They suspected his eerie ability to perfectly mimic any surgery, indeed any physical act whatsoever, after only a single viewing was not an intellectual gift but a genetic one...
Matthew’s passion to serve the least of these has led him to St. Jerome, where he will witness events that threaten to destroy his new faith.

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