Though only 35, Bishop Kesate Birhain is the Vatican’s highest-ranking miracle investigator. A polymath holding doctorates in fields as disparate as theology, mathematics and criminology, the Father’s expertise is only sought out for the most promising miracle claims.  Despite this, like most of his colleagues, Kesate has yet to confirm a single miracle. But while others in his field end their investigations amidst a sea of unanswered questions Father Kesate has earned his reputation by being able to give precise and exhaustive naturalistic explanations of every purported miracle he’s investigated.

The only miracles Kesate has yet to explain are those that have been attributed to him.  After exposing a find of Jesus’ bones as a hoax in Greece, the Father was attacked by dozens of the hoax’s perpetrators.  Multiple eye-witnesses reported seeing Kesate shot at close range; however Kesate survived the incident without a scratch. On Kesate’s insistence, the incident was never investigated as a miracle. But the event added fuel to the rumors that Kesate has gifts that go beyond the intellectual.

Father Kesate is dispatched to St. Jerome to investigate a series of strange events, where he finds evidence of the supernatural even he has difficulty explaining away…

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