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  1. Hi. Got my hands on Theodicy #1 through Indy Planet. Read it. Loved it. Want more. Everyone involved did an outstanding job!

    I haven't been following any blogs or social media pages, so I'm not sure if you plan on continuing, but this comic book reader is itching for issue #2. I googled Chad's name and that got me on this site, so I decided to reach out.

    If there will be more Theodicy to come...GREAT. I am in. If not :-(

    Either way, I want to read more of what you all are creating. So please, keep on keeping on!!

    -Danny (

    1. Hey, Danny!

      Sorry for the late reply. Theodicy #2 is currently available on IndyPlanet in both digital and print formats. It will also be on comixology in a few weeks.

      Thanks for the support!

  2. Hello,

    I read the first issue of Theodicy, the cover caught my attention, and I got to say I'm hooked. I'll be getting the issues as they come out and I can't wait to see where the story goes. I'm really interested in Paul's character and the artwork that came with the character bios on this website is amazing. Best of luck.


  3. Thanks, David!

    Theodicy #2 is already out on IndyPlanet, so you can keep up with the story there!

    Stay tuned to the website. I'm hoping to set up a forum where readers can discuss the issues brought up in the comic.