Have a look at what the critics are saying about Theodicy!

"Theodicy shows no signs of evangelizing for or against religion, but rather presents the issue in a narrative form that, so far, is as thoughtful and as neutral as one can expect. While it may be somewhat heavy subject matter for a comic, the creators of the book have handled it well. If you have an interest in theological issues already, or if you just like well-made comics, I recommend you take a look at Theodicy."

Evan Henry,

  "...there are some striking images here, and the comic is held together by a compelling, well-realised story by Handley."

John Lees,

"Brazuna and Boltz bring us right into this universe with solid artwork that really brings forward the pain and suffering of this world. Ghibliest’s colors work well with the story. And Handley takes a very thoughtful approach to the very complex issue of religion in this fascinating first issue..."

Brian Cronin, CBR/Comics Should Be Good

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