Sunday, February 23, 2014


Why does faith come so much more easily for some than it does for others? Why is it that when some look at the world,   they see one large, persistent miracle, a realm infused with the presence and love of God, while others look at the same world and see a realm of purely material laws and processes?

Is the difference between those who believe and those who don’t a matter of what they see...  or a matter of how they see?

These will be the issues pondered in Theodicy, a six-issue religious comic mini-series which aims to take belief, and disbelief, equally seriously. 

The people of Theodicy live in a world newly flooded with men and women of spectacular abilities that seem to defy the laws of science.  Are these abilities miraculous, sent by Providence to aid the poor and destitute against their oppressors? Or are these abilities purely scientific, a fortunate accident of previous events? 

Theodicy will ultimately focus on the stories of two men; one, a priest, the other, an atheist, as they struggle to deal with new experiences that challenge their beliefs, and find themselves unlikely allies in a common struggle.

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