Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Proving Grounds! Script Review of Theodicy #2 at Comixtribe!

What up, true believers?

I recently had a unique opportunity to get some official comic book editor input on the scripts for Theodicy.

Writer/editor extraordinaire Steven Forbes (Fallen Justice, The Standard, many others) runs a weekly column over at Comixtribe entitled The Proving Grounds, where he reviews, with brutal honesty, scripts from comic book scribe hopefuls.

This week, the hopeful is none other than yours truly! Check the review of the script  for Theodicy #2!

I was a bit nervous about this, because in his quest to bring wannabe comics writers up to snuff, Mr. Forbes pulls no punches.  So, I was pleasantly surprised at his almost entirely favorable review of the script:

"The really great part about this dialogue, though, is that it is both crisp and clear. Chad is setting up his world, and I’m having no trouble at all in following along." - Steven Forbes, re: Theodicy Issue 2.

It's one thing when your mom likes what you do, and another when a very tough (but fair) critic likes it.

Blogger/editor par excellence Samantha Lebas contributed to the review, and gave some great advice.

Take a gander over at  And if you're at all interested in creating comics, I recommend you read through all the material there.  Mr. Forbes' Bolts and Nuts column about the business of comics has become something of a Bible to me in putting together and marketing Theodicy.

(Fair warning: the column reviews the script for the opening scene of Theodicy #2.  So, if you haven't read Theodicy #1, then A. you're not one of the cool kids, and B. there will be some mild spoilers.)

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