Monday, March 9, 2015

More reviews!

With the recent publication of Theodicy on Comixology, more reviews are starting to roll in.  Have a look:

" It’s just rough and dark enough to take the “sunday school” aspect out of it and almost parody that sort of “Jesus is my best friend!” comic. I REALLY hope they go farther with that and the preview of issue #2 really showed that they are. Call me crazy but I’m interested."

- Scotty G,

"Though this comic book deals with religious and theological fare, it tackles the subject matter with equal portions of seriousness and humanity's proclivity for error. It yields a very human approach to certain issues, and it brings the issue of doubt in God to the forefront - doubt forged in the furnace of things that happen in the real world, every single day...

... The search for a good comic book is often times as elusive as the search for God, or so it seems to me...Theodicy: Book One is a comic book that I can and do recommend to others."

Charles Mosteller, Ye Olde Comic Book Temple

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